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megalisa830: Princess Daisy icon (Daisy, Mario Brothers) (Default)
  • Daisy,
  • Mario Brothers
Comment: I got this icon from minionofspot. I love Princess Daisy.
Description: Princess Daisy icon
megalisa830: Link icon (Legend of Zelda, Link)
  • Legend of Zelda,
  • Link
Comment: I got this icon from unactive. I love the 'Legend of Zelda' games.
Description: Link icon
megalisa830: All Fandoms are GO icon (Good Omens, Book)
  • Book,
  • Good Omens
Comment: I made this icon. I love the book Good Omens. And A and C always go together.
Description: All Fandoms are GO icon
megalisa830: Little Sister icon (Bioshock, Little Sister)
  • Bioshock,
  • Little Sister
Comment: I got this icon from shadowwolfie . I love the Little Sisters.
Description: Little Sister icon